Sorry, I Don’t Do Weddings

I’ve still got a month of work left before ‘My Endless Summer’ begins. I am so ready for this. I’ve already distributed my new business card. It says ‘Adventure Nomad – athlete/ writer/photographer.

I’ve already had to reply to a few inquiries:
“No… I don’t do adventure tours.”
“Er… Sorry, I don’t shoot weddings.”

Clearly, I’ll need to redo my business card. Since I just ‘retired’ from my first career, money is not my main motivator. I can afford to be picky.

There’s an opportunity for me to take on a job to shoot some photographs for a new adventure tour business. It’s for a friend, so there’s no money in it. But at least I’ll have a week of mountain biking, canoeing and caving in Kuching, East Malaysia. Woohoo!

Receiving blessings from a Lama, Ganden Monastery, Tibet.
Photo taken by Laura Koh with a Nikon D200, 12-24mm lens.

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